Hello! My name is Cathy.
I am a graphic designer with a focus on printed communication and a predilection for
handmade things.


I mostly work on book and magazine layouts, brochures, invitations, posters, logos and everything related to print design. I have a passion for typography and lettering. Different typefaces evoke different emotions, moods or memories. I like clean layouts, grids and hand lettering.

I also enjoy creating things with my hands. I like to embellish or rethink objects of limited value. Manual work can change the value and meaning of things that it gets invested in. I especially like to embroider. Using a technique that seems inefficient in terms of time and labor is a good balance to the use of digital technology. Looking at a finished hand embroidered piece I like to think that you can feel the presence of the person who made it.

I'm inspired by:
- Typography, because small changes make a big difference.
- Embroidery, because I like the repetitiveness and the slowness of it.
- Travelling, because it makes you put things into perspective.
- Cats, because they have a calming effect on me.